Dear Reader,
Isn't this freezing weather really something? But I'm so cozy in my little cottage, grateful for all that has transpired in the last four months.

Stanley, Smitty's little fox terrier, paid his first visit to the Land on Sunday. Chris and Smitty were out checking the ice on the lake. Not much ice. They said they would be back this weekend to ice fish if at all possible. I hope Stanley will be out here many more times.

Speaking of ice, there were two holes through the ice made sometime during Sunday night. I snapped photos of them and they closed up in the sun (!) shortly thereafter. Does anyone know what kind of animal makes holes like these? There was one more further out in the lakethis morning, and it closed up as the sun shone on it.

I've taken walks around the lake taking photos of the snowy scenes. The icicles on the cottage are quite long - one measures almost 4 foot long!

Enjoy the beauty of the Land through these photos. I am so fortunte, dear Reader!

Keep warm!


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