Dear Reader,
Hope you're enjoying your snow day!
The blizzard is bad, but nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My drifts are about 3-4 feet high, but there are lots of places where there is hardly any snow.The first photos above are from early this morning. I had to dig out a snow bank by the side door to feed the birds. If you look carefully you can see the female cardinal just outside my window. The birds were quite happy I fed them today!

My sister, Linda, came for a week during the worst cold, but luckily she missed this blizzard. We had so much fun, and didn't stop jabbering all week! We visited Mom several times. That's Linda and Mom at Mom's house, and Lin and me here in the cottage.  She came for my birthday, so it was an extra special birthday for me. I miss her so!

The Farmall Cub had to go into Leffelman's for repair in January. When we went to pick it up, I was struck by how tiny (and weathered) it looked compared to the big machines they have sitting inside at Leffleman's. Thought you would enjoy the photos, dear Reader.

I also took a photo of the carriage house from Steward Road, looking across the corn field. It looks so pretty from all angles! And last, but not least, I took some pictures of the Land in the fog we had last week. You probably think that it's during this snow storm, but no, it was just a foggy day. I hope you like the last photo. That "Visitor Parking" is for all my invited friends. You know who you are, dear Reader.

Chris and Smitty have been here a few times. I wonder what they think of all this snow? I hope they come back soon, because I am predicting an early spring. I saw 4 - count them - four! robins on January 26th. Two of them were females with huge tummies. That's the earliest I have ever seen a robin, so I think this subzero cold we're going to have tonight may be coming to an end soon. (Although the weatherman says not.)

Last night, as the blizzard raged, I felt so cozy and grateful for all that I have. There was wood for the woodstove in the laundry room, I had cast iron pots already to use on the woodstove if  the electricity went out, and a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. I also have a small back up propane heater in case the big furnace has no electricity. With my candles and oil lamps, I didn't want for a thing. It is such a nice feeling.  This is truly a paradise here, and I am one of the most fortunate people in the world!

Now I am going to spend time planning my gardens. What could be nicer on a windy, snowy day with the sun breaking through?

Have a great afternoon, dear Reader!


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