Dear Reader,
I can finally tell you! Jeff and Angela are going to have twins! We're so excited!

Angela found out just before Christmas (she was only 2 weeks pregnant!). Jeff and Angela told her Mom and Dad, her sister (Kary), Dan and me when we all celebrated Christmas together in Park Ridge. It was the best Christmas present of all! I'm finally going to be a grandmother - twice over!  The photo above shows Jeff and Angela just after they told us!

Angela and Jeff wanted to wait until 12 weeks, so now I can tell  YOU, dear Reader!  It's wonderful!

On another fun note, Smitty brought his wife, Becky, and her friend, Nancy, ice fishing last weekend. They caught some great fish. The pictures above show Becky with a blue gill, and Nancy with a bass.  Good catches! They had a great time and it was fun to see them.

Even with all the melting, Smitty says I still have 11 inches of ice on the pond. Not bad! And the gals really liked the 2nd floor of the carriage house. They want to rent it out!

So, dear Reader, there has been a lot of excitement around here! Now all we need is a little spring-like weather, yes?

Nighty-night, dear Reader, nighty-night!



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