You can certainly tell from the photos above that we had a storm, although I realize there were higher drifts else where. I like the big drift down to the pond. It looks so cool!

My driveway is all clear now, thanks to Dave Haury and  Tom...'s how the story went:

When Dave arrived (and believe it or not he drove in! - right through the drifts to my front door!), he started my little ol' Farmall Cub and proceeded to "chew" at the biggest drift right in front of my new garage. He  realized it was going to take too much time, so he started cleaning up the rest of the driveway to the gate. After several hours, he still had not gotten beyond the gate. I decided to do some shoveling at Steward Road around the mailbox. While I was out there (and here's where the miracle starts), a BIG shiny tractor comes up Steward Road with a snowplow on the back. It slowed down and the man inside motioned if I wanted him to open up the entrance to my lane. I nodded yes (still not realizing who it was) and he did that. I bowed, showing him my appreciation. He then jumps out of the tractor and it's my neighbor up the road, Tom Gorman! I couldn't believe it! He then very nicely asked if I wanted him to do the lane. By now I looked down my lane to see that Dave was just starting to put-put by the gate, and the difference between the size of the tractors really became apparent. I told him I would be so grateful if he would. He asked if there was a place to turn around, and I said I thought so, as Dave had cleared a lot of the lane inside the gate. I stood back and Tom went to work. In a few minutes he had cleared the snow all the way into the gate. Dave put-putted out of the way, realizing what was happening. I went back to the cottage and Dave brought the tractor up and parked it out of the way. Tom drove all the way up to the cottage, turned around and did a nice job of clearing the lane from the cottage out to Steward Road. Dave thanked him and said Tom had saved him at least 2 hours of work. Tom then disappeared and my lane is completely opened.

That left only the huge drift in front of the new carriage house, so Dave worked on that - and voila! - my driveway looks super! Tom (and Dave) had done a good job of scraping down to the gravel in some spots and it's really easy to get out.

Do you realize, dear Reader, this is the first - the very first - kind act from one of my neighbors (that I did not pay for) since I moved back here 11 years ago? I am so grateful!

You will notice that the last picture shows my first seedling tray of the year. I started it a few days ago and it already has some little tomato seedlings showing. Now all we need to know is: Where is spring?

I heard, dear Reader, we may actually get a thaw by this coming Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed!

I hope you are completely dug out and enjoyed the Super Bowl. I didn't see it, but heard the Packers won. Even though I am a Bears fan, I wished the Packers well, and am happy they won. If you made any bets on the game, I hope you backed the winning team!

Stay warm, dear Reader, stay warm!


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