Dear Reader,
The geese have returned! First in large groups (see above) and just today I welcomed back Gordon and Gordetta!  (See 2nd row of photos above.) How exciting it is! Spring really is almost here. And 60 degree weather promised for this week! Could it really be the end of winter?

Sadly, the ice fishing has come to an end. But what a long, cold ice fishing winter it has been, so we can't complain. Still, who among us does not wish for warmer days?

The seedlings are growing, and will take a trip to Univ of WI soil lab to be checked by the experts there. They like the longer days of (some) sunshine. I just augmented their sunshine with a special grow light, which will help them enormously.

Above, you will see a pictures of the Great Pyrenees dog that guards a messy old farm house just east of Big Rock. He is quite the dog! He uses the junk trucks in the front yard as his sleeping quarters. What a scream!

Michael is released from the rehabilitation manor today. Thank goodness!

It  would be remiss of me if I didn't mention how terribly sad the 8.9 earthquake was off the coast of Japan. How horrific! I can't even begin to imagine the devastation. Let us hope all the humanitarian rescue efforts get food and water and medicine to the  Japanese in time.

Back in the USA - a whole world away from Japan -  we go on about our lives - still thinking of warmer days ahead. Even so,  I am throwing in a photo I took just in the last few weeks of the beautiful hoar frost. This photo is from Steward Road looking at a small tree with all the windmills in the background.

I also signed up on Driftwatch through the Illinois Dept of Agriculture and had a trial run with where I want my sign to be. I won't put it up until early April when the farmers start their spraying. I'm so glad to have it! (Not that every farmer around here isn't aware of my organic status...!)

Last but not least, is a photo from the old garage area - now the library. I love the new room!

Have a wonderful spring-like week, dear Reader! We'll all be celebrating the new season!



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