Dear Reader,
What a day this has been. SO WARM!

I can't believe I haven't written for more than two weeks. There is SO much going on, and so little time to tell you!

The geese have been having some horrific fights, see photos above. Also the loon from last year dropped in again for one day this year. 

Dave helped me put up the Driftwatch signs which is from the program that Illinois Dept of Ag has adopted from Purdue University. There is one at each entrance.
Speaking of pesticide drift...Anita, Brian Poeppel and I are just abut finished with the "Pesticide Drift in Illinois: How to Report a Pesticide Drift Incident" pamphlet put out by our grass roots organization - Spray Drift Education Network (SDEN). The Paw Paw library has a copy of the pamphlet and I'm running a small ad in the Chicago Road Shopper. SDEN is dedicated to helping Illinois citizens recognize, report and prevent pesticide drift. It's been a lot of work, with a lot of input from various people and organizations, including Illinois Department of Agriculture. However, we're still waiting for further direction from Dept of Ag concerning the type of drift incident where you are sprayed or spray drifted from an aerial sprayer while driving your car down the road. We asked them to tell us how to handle this type of spray incident three weeks ago, and still no answer. We've decided to put out the pamphlet anyway, as this is the season for spray drift. See our new, still undeveloped website at

For some reason, this year I feel like I'm not as far behind as I usually am. Dave has been a big help - cutting up the big cherry tree that died - and dragging it away. (I remember when Jack and I planted it so many years ago!)
He also staked out the new garden to be, and we both dug out the new small greenhouse trench.

I don't remember if I told you, dear Reader, about WWOOF. (See, this is what happens when you age!) WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms and started in England. There are so many WWOOF farms in England that you can bike between them. Maybe someday that will happen here too....

Anyway, I am getting some wonderful calls from young people all over the world. I believe there are going to be two young men here in June - one from Sweden and one from Ghana! At the end of April, I am expecting a young couple to stop by for a few days on their way to Phoenix. They will help work on my farm in exchange for room and board. It's such a great program. I am looking forward to meeting many dedicated, organic workers this year!

I wish I could go on and tell you so much more, but it will have to wait, dear Reader.  I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful day as much as I have! And tomorrow inthe 80's! Unbelievable! Spring has sprung!

If you 've been out working as hard as I have today, I know you will sleep well tonight. Nighty-night, dear Reader!



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