Dear Reader,
My daughter-in-law went into the hospital over a week ago with contractions. As you'll remember, she is expecting triplets. She was only 6 months along - now 25 weeks, so not a good thing! The first 48 hours were nerve-wracking, but she made it through all that and so far, so good. No babies yet. The best news is the babies' heartbeats are strong. The high-risk doctor feels the babies are not stressed by all the stress that Angela is going through. The doctor has given the babies all kinds of good things for their hearts, lungs and brains.  Angela can't feel the contractions they are so slight. However, Jeff (who has moved into the hospital with her) and Angela were hoping the doctor would let Angela go home after a week in the hospital, but it seems she will be staying for another week or two. They are still in L.A., and were expected to move to Colorado next week. Seems like the best made plans.....

Now Jeff says they won't be moving to Colorado until Thanksgiving at the earliest. He cancelled his nice rental house in Colorado which they just rented a few days before, and extented his condo lease in L.A.  Fortunately for Jeff he works for a super great company. He says it is unbelievable what all the employees are doing for them. Lots of emails and support. A whole group of guys stand ready to pack and move them! Wow! He says its just been amazing - and so heartfelt! The company told him to take his time - not even think about work until this whole thing settles down. Jeff is just now getting back to work - from the hospital. Angela's room is large and has a small annex where he can work. (They also have great insurance, as you can tell.) Angela's mom and dad drove down from Oregon and are still there. They leave this weekend. Kary, Angela's sister flew in for a week, and will be moving permanently there with her husband, Dan, and 3 kids in another week. They decided they didn't like the weather in Illinois! I can't argue with her on that!

So you can see that life has been - well - topsy-turvy! We're just glad Angela is feeling so much better, and the doctor is pleased with everything right now.

Sadly, Floyd Sellers passed away last week. It is a great loss. He was so knowledgable about  arrow heads and all the natural flora and fauna. I will miss him terribly. He was 80 years old. Such a shame. My heart goes out to Fran and his boys.

I had just received a  load of compost from Floyd. I thanked him on Saturday the 14th. He passed away on Monday the 16th. Hard to believe.

Around here I've had much going on as you can see from the photos above. The flowering trees have been just beautiful this year. The first photo shows the two standard apple trees in the back yard.

 Gordon Goose is getting more insistent on the daily corn feeding - or maybe it's Gordetta - because she's been laying eggs. The errant mother raccoon immediately finds the eggs and eats them. Another sad thing to find.

I've been planting in "Grandma's Garden." Dave also put up the owl above the gate. I think it looks good there. We  worked hard on the grape vines, too. Now it looks like a real vineyard and Randy at Ekana Nursery will be proud of me.

Another sad thing  happened - one of my dear neighbors cut the larger stems out of my beautiful lilac bushes. If you think its a deer or some animal - think again.  They are cut on an angle and are heavily protected by wire . I won't point any fingers but I do have neighbors who actually told the judge in our lawsuit that they were taking  some of my plants for their bonsai business. They bonsai everything.  Some people have so much avarice they  just have to have what  belongs to someone else. As Dave Haury always says, "What goes around, comes around."

And last but not least, I found a small fish dead, a dead frog and big beetle all near each other. I rarely see anything like that.

Well, dear Reader, please enjoy this rainy, windy evening. It will do the plants good!

Cozy up and read a good book. Or...a good blog!

Nighty-night, dear Reader!


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