Dear Reader,
I keep telling myself I will blog more often, but the days go by so quickly - and there's so much to do. It's been beautiful out here, and I only wish you all could be here enjoying it with me. The birds are chirping, the geese are laying their eggs, the deer are visiting, and the garden continues to be developed. Dave added the brick square around the birdbath, and the trellis arch over the pew. It's starting to get some definition.

I must tell you about Gordon and Gordetta. They are really getting to be something else! They are so tame, and are so gentle with me. Usually, when the goose is laying her eggs and has her brood, the gander is very ferce and protective. But not Gordon. They both come up on the hill, and stare into the cottage until I come out with som e corn for them. They are getting quite insistent! Twice a day!

So I dutifully get the corn, walk slowly outside, sit under the bird feeder and start shucking corn for them. They back off a little bit but are right on the corn as soon as I move back. Tonight Gordetta (I am assuming she is a hungry little Mommie although I have no proof of this) started eating the corn I threw to her. She was only a few feet away. Amazing! Amazing because these are wild geese - or were.

The garden photos above do not show the latest work in the garden. Aaron Armitage came over with his tractor and big rake, and has completely redone the grass/weed patch from the garden to the lake. It's been smoothed and looks much better. We're getting the burnpile next to it burned down, also.

Speaking of burn piles, Smitty is going to be perturbed with me. I told Smitty when he was out fishing last week I would tell him when the big burnpile was ready to burn. However...a few days ago, when Dave H. was leaving I realized the wind was just right for burning the big pile on the very west of my property. So we burned it right then and there! Sorry, Smitty! No worries, though, as there are always burn piles around on this property!

It is  just gorgeous out here. I'm having so much fun working on the landscaping around the cottage. Last  year with putting in the well and septic and carriage house, the place was a mess! But it's slowly coming around now.  Mike Johnson, who delivered some dirt the other day, remembers it from 'way back. "You have made it just beautiful," he said. Dear Reader, I usually try to be humble but it made me feel so proud to hear him say that!

I, too,  have so many people to thank for all their work on the Land.  They have all made it as pretty as a picture!

Sadly, JJ's birthday was Friday May 6th.  I miss him so much. He would have been 37 years old. But he continues to be with me in spirit every day, every minute.

Last week Rachel - a student at NIU - came to meet me. She is a WWOOFer and will help out sometime this summer. What a great boon that will be for me. She's a great gal. I enjoyed meeting her and we hit it off quite well. Another WWOOFer, Sarah, and her dog arrive at the end of this month. She'll be here for 3 or 4 weeks.

The triplets are doing well. Jeff and Angela have just found a house to rent in Denver. Just in time, too, as they move by the end of this month! It's near my favorite library (I think I've told you we used to live in Denver for 7 years) and it's a nice neighborhood. 2200 square feet - lots of room for three little babies and lots of visiting grandparents!

Speaking of babies, mothers and grandmothers - Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! I wish all the days could be as wonderful as this day! Although my Mom is spending her day with my oldest sister in another city, I wished Mom a great day and told her she was a fantastic mom. She said I was a good daughter. There is nothing in the world that compares to hearing your Mom say something that sweet.

May we have many more 70 degree days with lots of sunshine!

Nighty-night dear Reader! 


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