The triplets are unbelievable! They are so small! It's amazing how tiny they are. I have included pictures of them at the hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit. It was really hard for Jeff and Angela (and the rest of us) to come to the realization that  this is where the babies would be when they were born. But such wonderful care they are given! They each have their own nurse 24/7. Amazing.

As often as possible (because only one grandparent was allowed with Mommy or Daddy at a time), I visited Katie, Chloe and Jack.  When I first spoke to Katie, she opened her eyes, smiled and waved. I swear she did. (Sure, Grandma!) And Chloe did lots of stretching, which was very good. Jack is the smallest and yet, that  doesn't seem to hold him back. He stretched, too. Sometimes he didn't like having his diaper changed or turned over. The nurses did those things, but slowly Jeff and Angela have done them, too.  It was hard to leave those three tiny sweethearts!

They are on the Presbyterian Church Prayer list and many people are sending them their support and love. I know you are, too! They have a long way to go. They are getting Angela's milk through a tube, and now all of hte babies are receiving the milk. Jack has come up and surpassed his birth weight, which is good.

Jeff and Angela have are able to hold all the babies now. Jack couldn't be held until yesterday because he had a breathing apparatus on him. Yesterday the nurses realized the tube had slipped and he was breathing on his own, so they let Angela hold him. I guess Jack has been breathing on his own more than they realized. They are the sweetest little darlings! It's heart wrenching to be away from them.

My dear fishermen, Chris and Smitty, came out yesterday with a purpose, as you can tell from the photos above. They had an dead tree to drop into the lake - which is what they did. But it refused to sink even with two cement blocks on it! So they tied two more blocks - and down it went!

Last Monday, as soon as I returned, I hosted a Sustainable Farmers Potluck here  with two University of Extension educators. Everyone had a lot of fun and lots of networking going on. It was good to see this many people in this area who farm or garden sustainably.

Dave has started on the greenhouse in earnest, so one of these days you may see some pictures of a partially completed greenhouse.

Other than that, dear Reader, just mowing, mowing, mowing and missing my grandchildren!



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