Good news! Katie and Chloe are home at last. They came home last Thursday.  Jack is still in the hospital but doing better.

Dear Reader, I hope you like the photo above. Einstein immediately took to his "charges" and is very protective of them. So, when Katie and Chloe fall asleep, so does Einstein! Angela's sister, Kary, took this photo on her phone.

Jeff called today to report that he and Angela had taken the girls to their first pediatric appointment, and both the girls received an A+!  Jeff and Angela received A+'s too because they are working so hard at being good parents!

All in all, we feel so blessed to have these little munchkins in our lives. I can't wait to see them! I will see them in September.

I've been picking elderberries like crazy - as it's that time of year. Hope you are enjoying the weather as it cools. I certainly am!

And we finally finished the little greenhouse which may become a playhouse before too long! Hope you like it! (See close-up photo in second row, first photo)

Not too many fishermen out here lately, but Karl Hawbaker brought his girls out Sunday afternoon for a while. He also caught a 14 inch crappie the previous time he came out to fish.

Night-night dear Reader!



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