Dear Reader,
Well, it seems the unbearable hot weather has started to subside. To think it may be in the low 60's tonight! Wow! And only upper 70's in a couple of days. I really thought the 95 degree/humid weather was not going to end.

But as we all know, seasons change. How refreshing that is!

Above see some new photos of Katie, (first photo) Chloe (with pacifier) and Chloe and Jack together. They are 8 weeks old today. Jack is still on a ventilator. Katie and Chloe are in their "big girl" beds (bassinettes) and starting to nurse. They will be  home one of these days. Jack is over 3 pounds and the girls are over 4 lbs. They look so much bigger than when I first saw them. I can't wait to see them again!

Britney and Christina sent me some more photos from our reunion last month. These are taken in Geneva with the whole group! The last two photos in row 2 include my mother who is 93 years old!

Dave and I cleaned out the garage finally. He said after we finished, "You have to admit, that garage was a disgrace!" And he's right! It was embarrassing to walk in there with family and friends! Dave built a really nice workbench, too. I am all set! The last photo in the 3rd row shows the raccoons visiting  outside the cottage.

The rest of the photos are views of the land and buildings taken at the end of July. It has been truly a beautiful summer out here on the Land. I have had so much fun with visiting groups of people and family.  Hopefully you will agree with me that this property is truly a paradise!

Enjoy the photos, dear Reader!


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