Well, dear Reader, you have been very patient. Here is the last of the "installments" from my stay in California with my grand-triplets. What a wonderful time it was - and how fantastic to have these pictures to remember so much of it!

Photo One: Jack is doing his stretches. He's SO glad to be home!
2 & 3: We're glad to be together again - finally. Aren't we somethin'?
4:"That's my sister," Katie says as she points to Chloe.
5: Jack without his canula. He looks a lot like Chloe in this picture.
6: Katie and Chloe's bedroom. Jack's crib is in his Mommy and  Daddy's room.
7:Watching Baby Einstein videos on TV.
8 & 9: Watching Baby Einstein videos put us to sleep!

The last two photos were taken and sent by Angela today. Photo 10 - Chloe and Jack. Chloe is getting a kick out of something. Photo 11 - All three together! Chloe, Katie and Jack.

Thank you, dear Reader for looking at these pictures and getting to know  the next generation of Heim's. We are so privledged to have three at once!


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