Yes, dear Reader, there are more photos of the triplets for you !

Part Three is very special because this is when (in the third week of my stay) , Jack came home from the hospital after 108 days!

Photo 1 - Jack comes home from the hospital attached to an oxygen tank. Grammy, Kary and Mommy are sobbing. It's pretty hard to see such a tiny one with an oxygen tank, monitor, and tubes attached to him.
2- Daddy leans down and softly welcomes his son home.
3 - Jack, sleeping through his homecoming
4 and 5 - the oxygen tanks, monitor, etc.
 6 - Now all three siblings are together again
7- Mommy's so glad all her babies are together
8 & 9 - Now the ENTIRE Heim family is altogether.  What a relief! (Einstein, the dog, is with Angela's parents in Grants Pass, Oregon)
10 - Mommy taking care of all 3!
11 & 12 - Mommy cutting Katie's toenails while she sleeps (because that's the best time to do it!)
13 - Daddy burbing Jack
14 - Chloe smiling at Daddy
15 - Katie says "Hey, Sis!"
16 - Chloe thinks its funny
17 - Chloe says "Shhhh, Jack is sleeping."
18 - Tummy Time:  Katie wants to  lift herself up
19 - All three pacifiers - Jack has the bull
20 - Tired Mommy with Chloe?
21 - Daddy and Jack, trying not to disburb the two sleeping beauties

Only one more post to go! Thanks, dear Reader, for following the Heim gang!


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