Dear Reader,
These photos start with Jeff taking me to the hospital to see Jack.

Photo 1: Jeff feeding Jack
2: Grammy holding Jack at the hospital
3- Chloe is obviously contemplating something while sleeping

Second row:  Going to Auntie Kary's house for the first time. Kary's children - Gavin, Jake and Olivia - who you will remember  visited here last Christmas and were sledding down the hill to the pond - have not seen their cousins yet . The pediatrician wanted to hold off for a while to protect the babies. But next week, all the cousins will get to see each other!
Photo 4, 5, 6: Going to Kary's house - all dressed up with bows!7
Photo  7: Mommy with Katie and Chloe
8: Kary and Angela with Chloe
9: Mommy with her daughters
Photo 10:  Daddy and Mommy with girls in crib
11: in crib
12: oops! Chloe is losing her balance!
13: the too-small apartment with Grammy Jane's bed in the living room, along with everything else
14: Changing table complete with warm wipes on the right.
15: close up of WARM wipes - so comfy on those little bottoms
16: Mommy and Chloe
17: Katie smiling at Mommy, Chloe waving at Mommy
18: oops
19: Chloe - what a little angel
20 & 21: Bath time!
22: Daddy and Katie
23: Daddy and Mommy clearing Katie's stuffed nose
24:Grammy (and blueberries) entertaining Chloe and Katie

There you have it...more photos coming in Part Three!


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