Dear Reader,
I finally found more photos of  my stay in California with the triplets.

If  you don't mind too much, I would love to share the photos - lots of photos - of those wonderful weeks with my littl' darlin's! In this first post, little Jack is still in the hospital. Angela and Jeff  go everyday to see him, in addition to taking care of Katie and Chloe and working, too.

Here goes....

Photo #1: Katie in the swing. How she loves the swing!
#2:  Tired Daddy and Chloe
3 - Chloe (I think)
4 and 5 - Bottles and lazy susan for bottle parts
6 - Mommy (Angela) getting the girls ready for a walk
7 - Katie sleeping through the walk
8 - Chloe crying during the walk
9 - Grammy Jane with her little granddaughters on the walk
10- Mommy with Katie and Chloe
11 - Oops!
12 - Katie reading "book" while Chloe meditates
13- Chloe sticking her tongue out at the book
14 - Chloe on left with her Giraffe pacifier; Katie with her elephant pacifier
15 & 16 - two handed grandma!
17 & 18 - Auntie Kary comes to visit - and talks with Katie
19 - Sister Angela and Kary with sisters Chloe and Katie!

Stay tuned for more photos in another post, dear Reader!


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