Dear Reader,

Grammy Jane has been very busy the last several weeks! I have returned from California visiting the triplets, and Angela and Jeff.

Photos above show me with all three of my grandchildren - Jack, Chloe and Katie. Jack is in the 2nd photo. You can see his tubes and also his "bull" pacifier.  Next photos are of  Chloe and Katie.  Chloe and Katie have giraffe and elephant pacifiers, respectively. I never believed in pacifiers, but with triplets I have changed my mind!

The 4th photos shows Jeff - very tired - keeping his eye on his two sleeping daughters. It's wall to wall babies!

What fun it was! I haven't been so tired since I don't know when - but I wouldn't have changed a moment of my time with Katie, Chloe and Jack. In fact, I was fortunate enough to be there when Jack came home from the hospital. He still is attached to his canula, which means lots of tubes and an oxygen tank, not to mention his monitor. Lots of equipment for such a little guy.

Jack doesn't need much oxygen now. He's on a very low amount, but he will be on it for a month or two at least, as Angela and Jeff have been given the okay to drive (not fly) to Colorado for their upcoming move. Because the altitude is so high in Denver, it's just best if Jack has his oxygen during the move.

None of us had much sleep with Jeff and Angela getting the least amount of sleep. I don't know how they keep going, but they are 30 years younger than me! They also hired a Polish night nanny for a few times a week which should help them get a little sleep. It's been quite wild. One nurse stopped by to see Jack and said first thing, "It WILL get better." It's hard to imagine anything but what is happening right now - just tending to babies constantly. They are such adorable little  ones! How I miss them!

Katie and Chloe are between 7 and 8 pounds now, and look huge compared to Jack who is 5 1/2 pounds. But they are all growing so quickly - eating, sleeping and needing diaper changes. You can't imagine how many diapers Jeff and Angela go through each day!

The triplets changing station has heated wipes for their little seaterumpuses - very high tech. In fact, all the gadgets and swings, etc are state of the art. Amazing!

As I catch up on my sleep (funny, I don't need as much as I thought I did), it has been so fantastic to return to such beautiful weather as we are having now. Dave Haury and I have gotten lots done - cutting up old downed branches in JJ's pine nursery on top of the hill; finishing a section of the fence along my western boundary (10 down and only 90 more to go!), and just completely odd jobs before winter sets in.  We will be collecting seasoned firewood (we've cut up last year) from various parts of the land to add to the wood pile for the cold winter coming up.  

When I returned from California - in such a different frame of mind after tending to 3 little munchkins, I saw the Land with completely different eyes - almost as if I had been gone for years. Dear Reader, the beauty of the Land took my breath away! It truly IS paradise! No wonder everyone who stops by loves this place and comments on how perfect it is! I am so fortunate!  I share some photos of the Land taken in the last few days. Enjoy!

One weekend in California, I visited Linda Turner - my friend in Santa Barbara. We had a great lunch at Brophy's on the marina. It was great to see her again!

All in all, it's been a truly lovely and life-changing month. I would recommend becoming a grandparent to one and all! Nighty-night, dear Reader!



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