Good evening, dear Reader,
My! It's finally really cold! That Northwest wind goes right through ya!

I am always so glad I am in my darling little cottage - especially snug now that it has been vinyl sided over my old plywood siding. The new windows and door really make a difference, too!

As the leaves fall from the trees, my window on the world opens wide. I see in all direction for miles. I literally can sit at the table and see almost all around me. In summer, I like my Land when the trees enclose me and shut me off from the country roads making this such a private paradise...and I like the Land when fall allows  it to open to the world. What a dear, dear place this is!

The fishermen were out in the last week. Again, it was great to see them. I think the weather is suppose to warm up, but we all know that the pond WILL freeze one of these days. Oh, joy!

Above, please see the photos I just took of  Willow Creek and the cottage, the willows and the cottage, and even the run-off creek.

If  you look closely, you can see the great blue heron and Jacox's white tomcat sitting near each other on the west bank in the early morning sun. I got such a kick out of it, that I took a picture through my front door. It turned out better than I thought. I am surprised they tolerated each other  like that, but they seemed quite content with each other. They sat like that for about 45 minutes. Then the tomcat decided to go walking around the pond on a mouse hunt.

The last photos are of the cherry tree Dave cut down (it was quite dead) on my high road. Dave sells firewood to his customers and I am donating this cherry. But the oak wood - well! that's another story.

Darrel Rosencranz had a huge 200+ year old oak tree come down last spring. Most of it was still sitting there so I asked if I could chop it up for my woodstove. Yep! I was given permission.  So Dave and I have been over there 3 times already - and  you can see what is still left to be cut. It is quite the project! But the oak will keep me warm for several years to come, so I am delighted with it. I will use it wisely - and warmly.

So dear Reader, please stay warm as we grow closer to Thanksgiving. We have so incredibly much to be thankful for! Ithank you for your friendship. I treasure it so!

P.S. Late breaking news: I just talked with Jeff. The triplets had their first doctor's appointment since moving to Colorado. Everything went well. Katie and Chloe are 10 lbs, 9 oz! Jack is 8 lbs, 6 oz!  Can you believe that!

Jeff said that triplets are rarer in Colorado than in Los Angeles. All the doctors and personnel kept coming in to see the triplets during their appointment. "Oh, here are the triplets! We heard they are just the cutest kids!" Of course that made Jeff and Angela feel so good.  Jack is still with canula and oxygen. He needed more oxygen when they arrived in Denver because of the altitude, but the doctor says that is normal.  It will take 2-6 weeks for him (and everyone else, too) to adjust. Jeff says Jack is already needing less oxygen, so they expect he will adjust just fine. The doctor was very pleased with the three little darlings.

This proud grandma had to share all this new information with you! Nighty-night. Sleep tight!


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