Hi, dear Reader,
So much going on!  Just returned from Door County, and had one day of warmth before the rains came.

Jeff and Angela and entire family (with Angela's parents helping) moved to Colorado last week. They drove to Denver arriving between snowstorms. The triplets seem to be taking  to Colorado - see them in their Halloween outfits above, and on their first walk in Denver (in snowsuits provided by Grammy Jane). I think Jeff and Angela are just glad to be in a home with a place for Einstein, and everyone together. Jeff went back to work at DaVita's  new headquarters in downtown Denver on Monday.

The fishermen have returned! It was great to see Chris with his brothers and Smitty with Stanley - see photos above. I  know they are looking foward to ice on the pond, but I have been happy with the warm weather (until the rain arrived today). However, there is nothing that says "winter" to me more than having Chris and Smitty out on the ice!

I've included some photos of the cottage and land taken before I went to Door County, with my tractors, too. The cute little red truck in the last photo was stopping at Gary Dunn's property next door. It was adorable !

The other photos are of Whitefish Bay on Lake Michigan where we stay in Door County. I love taking photos of the lake, and the surrounding area.  The restaurant pictures are of a lovely restaurant in Bailey's Harbor where Michael and I eat lunch sometimes.

Row 7 shows a quaint house in Sister Bay that houses a gallery and museum. The garden pictures were taken in Whitefish Bay next to another older home. 

Row 8 is of a new cape cod home that I like because it has that lovely large glassed-in cupola on top. I would love to see that on top of my hill overlooking the pond!  What a view!

All the rest of the photos are taken near the condo. I take a walk almost daily and these are the whimsical artistic  expressions of the Wisconsin Door County inhabitants. If you look closely you can see an older "couple"  next to the road. They are always dressed differently each time I visit Door County. There are mailboxes with fish painted on them, mailboxes to look like trains, scary ghosts peeking out from the second story of a barn, an Old Fisherman crossing sign, (wouldn't  a skeleton and pumpkin at "Sherwood Forest" and last, but not least, a Happy Thanksgiving display.

We had a great time  but  it's good to be home.  I appreciate this paradise all the more for my travels!

Stay dry, dear Reader! Nighty-night.



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