Dear Reader,

What a winter this has been so far! I can't believe green grass is still all around us.

The pond is trying to freeze over but not making much progress. By the way, who can tell me what happened to this catfish? The best story wins!

The third  photo above  shows a fishing pole holder waiting for two great fishermen - Chris and Smitty - to return. I hope they return soon!

This morning I looked out  my north kitchen window and saw all kinds of birds merrily eating seeds  in the grass. I was amazed at the  sheer number of them. They all look healthy and robust. (see last photo)

I have lots of photos of the three little  imps - now living in Colorado. It will take me some time to upload some photos to show you, so it will have to wait until another day. Katie, Chloe and Jack  are just adorable and really getting into a  cute stage. Jack is doing his best to catch up to the girls, and I think he will soon. He is still on oxygen, but the  doctor doesn't think that's unusual for a premie who wasn't "incubated" in Colorado. She says to expect Jack to be on oxygen for  the first year. That's just  par for the course, according to the doctor. Jack is such a sweetheart. All the triplets had shots while I was there, and Jack took  it the best.  I guess after staying in the hospital for 108 days, he is used to it.

I love those little sweeties and miss them so much!

I hope this New Year brings you all good health, happiness and much abundance, dear Reader! I am so thankful for you, dear Reader and my family, too. I am so thankful for this Land which really is like my own private resort.
 I know how fortunate I am!

Here's to a fantastic year!


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