Hi, y'all!

Well, dear Reader, we really did have our first  or second real snow on Friday, didn't we? The land is stark white and gorgeous! And cold!

The Organic Conference went well last week, but we didn't have as good a turnout as we did the year before. The mini blizzard on Thursday (Jan 12th) stopped many from attending. The Spray Drift Session was fine - almost a little too boring. I was wishing there were more people there to express their dismay about being spray drifted upon, like they did last year. But no, the small audience was quite well-mannered.

I was nominated to the Governing Board of the newly formed Illinois Organic Growers Association, which is quite an honor. So this year I will have lots to do!

Oh, those little triplets are really growing. Now Katie and Chloe are around 12 and 1/2 pounds and Jack is over 11 1/2 pounds! The doctor is amazed at how Jack is growing! We're proud of all of them.

Photos are as follows:
1) Chloe and Jack
2) Katie
3) and 4) Visiting Starbucks in the new Go Bubba Go stroller I bought the triplets (from New Zealand)
5) Daddy Jeff and Jack   6) all three in the Pack 'n Play 7) Einstein babysitting Katie, 8) Jack, 9) friend Heather holding Jack and Angela with Chloe 10) Angela with all three! 11) Jeff's friend and boss, Doug with wife Heather and Katie and Chloe. Heather and Doug came over one night to help me with the triplets so Jeff and Angela could have a "real" date, - how sweet!, 12) Chloe and Jack discussing something, while Katie  taps Jack on shoulder
13) Tired Mom and  especially Dad (Jeff) with the girls, 14) Jeff with "little Bear" Jack before the Bears game at Denver Stadium, and 15)  Daddy and Grammie Jane with  "little Bear" Jack.

Today I received a letter from Pat DeFazio, a wonderful friend and second "Mom" to JJ. Years ago they worked together at Trip.Com, and that's how JJ met her daugher, Kristen. Kristen and JJ dated for quite some time in the 1990's.  The DeFazio's are a lovely family and it was great to hear from her. Pat mentioned that she reads my blog! So a special Hello! to you, Pat, and to Kristen and her husband and beautiful children!

I often look around here and realize how quiet and calm it is - and breathtakingly beautiful. All seasons - all different kinds of weather. The birds are happy I am feeding them - so is the occasional squirrel! They are my cheery friends!

May you have a quiet, peaceful weekend surrounded by undisturbed snow....

Nighty-night, dear Reader!



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