Dear Reader,
Well! As if to make fun of me, the pond - even with 8 degree weather - decided to open up more! I can't believe it!This morning in the early dawn light, it looked like the symbol for yin and yang - half black, and half white. So much for ice fishing!

So....while it's a little boring around here (without those crazy two ice fishermen!), I occupy myself scanning in photos of the triplets that Angela sent via Walgreen's. Aren't you lucky? You get to see more of my grandchildren and hear me brag some more! Goodness!

But dear Reader, I know you understand. Most of you have wonderful children of your own, and some of you may be old enough to have grandchildren.

So here are the explanations for the above photos:

Row One: Aren't these the cutest outfits you ever saw? Angela's mother has a creative friend who sewed these numbers on their outfits. Katie is #1, Chloe was born #2, and Jack is #3. On the back of each outfit it says, "Our Grandma loves us." That goes for this grammie, too! 

Row #2: Here are my favorite little Valentines (although they are wearing In and Out Burger outfits so famous in Southern California)! And what fun they are having! Chloe on the left, looks like she is really studying her toes or hands. Katie and Jack think something is really funny. And lastly,  Jack is sitting up just fine...ooops! there he goes! Katie thinks Jack is so funny, and Chloe is still concentrating on something...we're not quite sure what.

 Row # 3 shows the newest Oregon State Beaver fans: Picture a) Katie and Chloe; B) All three little fans, and C) Chloe playing with brother's canula. Go Beavers Go!

Row # 4: Another "Go Bubba Go" outing with Mommy( and Daddy taking the pictures). The girls are facing out on the lower seats (half asleep) and Jack is in the upper seat.

Row #5: Daddy and Jack. Mugging around, with a big kiss from Daddy in the last photo. You can't get any better than this!

Row #6: The girls- Katie and Chloe having fun together - especially the last photo. Chloe has a lot to say to Katie! They are pals! Jack thinks they are a little crazy! But he knows they are all pals.

Row #7: Kisses and hugs from Mommy for both Jack and Chloe (in last photo). It's always fun to get kisses from Mommy and Daddy!

Row #8: Close ups of three little darlin's :  Katie, Chloe and Jack. It may look like Jack is more somber, but he isn't!

There you have it, dear Reader. Jeff says the triplets are geting into such a neat stage. And they are such happy babies! They are so fortunate to have such loving, caring parents!

Okay, enough bragging - til next time! Bye, dear Reader!


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