Dear Reader,
Just an hour ago I was walking in the dark to the carriage house to turn on some lights, when I noticed something dark on the pond. I kept staring at it, hoping it wasn't a raccoon. Then I realized it wasn't one animal - it was two! Gordon and Gordetta were on the slushy ice! They must have just flown in. It was the cutest thing!

Last year they didn't show up til mid-March, but they are already here hoping that spring is just around the corner. I can't help but feel they are wrong - much as I would love to have them be right!. But it was good - and unexpected - to see them.

Needless-to-say, there hasn't been a lot of ice fishing on the pond this year. Chris and Smitty have been out once, I think. And didn't catch much. The water is crystal clear.

What an unusual year this has been, dear Reader!

The photos above of Gordon and Gordetta were taken last March. I am using them again, as I couldn't get any photos of them tonight. It was just too dark.  The pond almost looks the same, except where there is open water in the above photo, there is still a very, very thin layer of ice.

And, of  course, I have to add in a few more photos of the triplets! These were taken in December. I miss those little darlin's!

1st and 2nd triplet photo - Jack and Katie, Jack and Katie as little Bear fans, (You can see the  bandaid on Jack's leg. All three kids received a flu shot that day); 3rd photo - all three little Bear fans, - Chloe, Jack and Katie.  4th photo is Katie - wondering where she is!; the last full row of photos are of Katie, Jack and Chloe in the pack and play and on the floor. Chloe has to touch her siblings all the time. She was born the middle child and feels it is her duty to connect them all! The very last photo shows the girls on an outing in their Go Bubba Go triplet stoller. Angela has the greatest style dressing her girls! Jack is not in the picture because he is on top of the stroller facing the otherway. Aren't those hats adorable? Chloe (on the right) is getting a real kick out of her hat!

This message just in from Gordon and Gordetta: THINK SPRING!

Good night, dear Reader!


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