Dear Reader,

Well! I am such a gadabout! I have returned from Arizona and Colorado. I think I am here to stay for a while!

And this weather! Who can complain? With weather like this I warmly welcome Chris and Smitty back to the you can see from the above photos, the fishing pole stablizer is forlornly awaiting you! Karl and family are welcome, too! The resident pig is welcoming all of you back to the Land.

This amazing weather is too much to pass up! I love hearing the red-wing blackbirds singing.

The new baby above is Kelsey, Nicki and Jeff Wolfe's baby. Nicki is my niece. Kelsey is a real cutie! I had lots of fun at Linda's house celebrating Patrick's 26th birthday and seeing  Cristina and all the family again. I also painted Linda and Pat's front door. It turned out well. I hope you enjoy these pics! The 8 pics of Linda's family are as follows:
Linda, Kelsey and me
"Papa" Pat with Kelsey sound asleep
Sisters Nicki (mother of Kelsey) and Britney with Kelsey
Patrick's birthday party: Cristina, Pat, Linda and Pat, and Sandy. Sandy and husband were there, too, along with several other couples.
Stephanie, Pat and Jeff Wolfe (Stephanie's son and father of Kelsey); Nicki, Britney and Linda, and Kelsey
Cristina, Nicki and me
Cristina and Patrick with Kelsey
Cristina , me and Kelsey. Something is sure funny!

Then I drove to Colorado for a week, where I took a few more photos of the triplets. We had a very full week, but the good news is Chloe is 14 pounds 1 ounce (although she lost 1/2  a pound after I left when she got the flu), Katie is 13 lbs 7 oz, and Jack is 13 pounds! Wow! They are getting plumper! Chloe sits up, Katie turns over often and Jack is turning on his side. They are really coming along!

The triplet photos are in the first row:
All three with Angela, Jack loving his "saucer", Daddy and Chloe (or Katie?)
Last row: Katie enjoying her bath, Angela feeding Katie her oatmeal for the first time, and Jack so cute in his red hat on the way to an appointment

I am beginning the process (starting with zoning) of developing a Prairie Organic Agrrarian School here at the land. It will be a 8-9 month school with only a few students. The students will be in charge of designing and building the school under the direction of Karl Hawbaker -  hopefully he will be up for the challenge. Of course, this all rests on finding the right students and their ability to pay tuition. I will let you know how we progress on that front. It's fun starting the process though!

Lots going on. Of course my fingers itch to get into the soil and start planting. Dear Reader, we are so fortunate to have such good weather...I only hope it continues!

So welcome, dear friends! It's time for the 2012 fishing season to begin with friends and family.
Adieu, adieu!


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