Happy Easter to one and all!

Dear Reader, it has come to my attention that I have neglected this blog 'way too long. It's time to update life here on the Land.

First things first: The homesteading, organic agriculture school is not going to work out as the number of septic tanks to house 10-15 students is just not worth it.  It was a good idea, but not at this time.

Chris and Kirk (his daughter's boyfriend) came out a few weeks ago.  Karl Hawbaker has been coming out, too. Karl brought Kendell one time, and she left a lovely present for me - wild violets and dandelions! It was a beautiful bouquet!  I so appreciated it!(See the first photo above)

Chris and Smitty came out again yesterday. When they get together with Dave Haury...well...it's a lot of fun but I don't get a lot of work done (and neither does Dave!). But what the hay! It's so much fun to have them here!  My photo with Chris and Smitty also includes Katie, Chloe and Jack! Notice the last photo in the second row shows Smitty's brand new truck.

Angela sent me some photos of the kids. The first set of photos are from a few days ago, and the last set is from today (you can see the Easter bunny dropped by!). Their Easter pails are almost bigger than they are!  One of these days the kids will get hair! Katie, Chloe and Jack are adorable always to their Grammie Jane!  I miss those little munchkins so much!

Dave brought over a toolbox for Jack. I had to take a photo of it because it's so cute! Won't Jack just love it!

More photos are of the Land from early March to the present. It is really looking green. The trees have filled out so much just in the last week. You can see there is quite a bit of wildlife, too. Turtles, Gordon and Gordeeta enjoying the picnic table, the blue heron (if you look closely), tulips along Willow Creek, a flowering plum tree and wild violets.  Quite a bit going on here!

IOGA Governing Board members had a meeting in Bloomington as we start to plan organic farmer's field days and the next IOGA conference January, 2013. I am adding this to the blog so you can see I actually do some work besides pruning and mowing!

Dear Reader, I hope you are enjoying these lovely days as much as I am! Happy Easter once again! 


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