Dear Reader,
Chris, Smitty and Eric came out to do a little fishing today. It was great to see them again. Later,  Karl Hawbaker and family brought out their family friends. So with 4 children, there was a total of 11 people here - some of whom were fishing, some of whom were playing. It was a sunny but cool day - just right for spending a little time in Paradise. I was so happy to have all of them here!

Check out the photos - you can see that both sides of the pond had some serious fishing going on!

Smitty is going to send me some photos I took of him releasing his bluegill (after raising it for four years). I used his camera, so do not have any photos of my own. He's been trying to send them, and will try again, so that I can post them to this blog.

It was a good day to get some mowing in, so I mowed the front of the Land - how nice it looks! It's such a beautiful time of the year  - especially here on the Land. Gordetta has been sitting on her four eggs (as you can tell from picture) for  several weeks now. I'm so surprised the eggs are still intact.  Gordetta was a bit frightened today with all the hubbub . There was a time when she did leave the nest, but not for long. I wonder when the eggs will hatch?

Angela sent me two photos. One is of the whole clan - all three triplets (above). She also sent me a photo of Jack with the caption, "Who is the cutest boy ever?" and I wrote back, "Jack is!"  He looks like he is as big as the girls. You go, Jack!

Angela's sister, Kary, and niece, Olivia, are visiting while Jeff is off on a guy's weekend in Bend, Oregon with his old high school and college buddies. Kary, Olivia and Angela took the triplets for their very first official portraits. Angela said the photos are SO GREAT! I can't wait to see them!

Yesterday was the Paw Paw town-wide garage sales. I came across a neat old blue painted cabinet.  I also found the cutest little bike for Jack (he can use in about 5 years!!!), a cradle for one of the girls, and Dave had already given me the blue cradle.  (see photos above)

Dave came down to the Land while I was in Paw Paw, so I came back and picked him up. Then we both went to even MORE garage sales. Dave bought a duck - yes! a live one who is very sweet and docile. Dave took it to his home to join the duck he already has. He also has lots of chickens, too, I understand. He takes very good care of his animals.

A few minutes ago I took some photos of the  carriage house. You can see I am getting seriously carried away with children's toys! But it IS so much fun to buy for Katie, Chloe and Jack!

Last, but not least, yesterday early morning I snapped a photo of the pond looking back toward the cottage and carriage house. There is a little fog drifting across the pond. I am so fortunate to have such a lovely spot!

Dear Reader, enjoy the photos from this little bit of Paradise...and long-distance photos of my dear grandchildren!


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