Well, well, well, dear Reader! This will teach me to disparage raccoons and my bordering neighbors. I take back what I said about... the raccoons anyway.

Drum roll please!
Please welcome  4 new adorable tiny goslings!
How could I have not seen them? They must have been VERY tiny, for I did not see them yesterday with Gordon or Gordetta, and yet, here they are today...swimming around so nicely. They are so darn cute! Please welcome the newest addition to Willow Creek Organic Farm!

Speaking of cute, Angela sent me some more pictures of Katie, Chloe and Jack. Katie and Chloe's pictures show each of them sitting in the high chair and learning how to hold their bottles and drink water. Such big girls. You can see Jack in the background playing away happy as can be!  The third photo is Daddy holding Chloe and Katie. Chloe seems to be quite taken with her Daddy! And look at how much hair Katie has!

Smitty sent me photos of when he introduced a bluegill he has been raising for 4 years into the pond. It was a momentous time  - both for the bluegill and for Smitty. It was hard for him to let him go! But the bluegill seems to be doing well. Every time Smitty and Chris come out, Smitty makes sure I haven't seen a bluegill floating belly up. Smitty is relieved to know all is well with his bluegill. And I am so please that Smitty wanted to release his bluegill in my pond!

So, after I thought we had a tragedy, I am happy to report that all is well here. I worked outside most of the day and enjoyed myself so much. It was a really warm, neat day! This evening Gordon and Gordetta brought their offspring closer so I could see them. How sweet those little goslings are!

Dear Reader, have a wonderful night knowing all is well in Paradise!


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