Dear Reader,
The Land celebrated a beautiful Saturday of 90 degree weather with a little informal get-together with the ever faithful fishermen and their wives. Becky and Smitty brought along dear little Stanley and their new dog, Mazie (spelling?). Chris and Cindy brought along a delicious wine (from August Hill winery in Utica) and cheese, salami and crackers. What a fantastic group! Above, please see the photos from our little bash.  It was great fun and we hope to do it again soon!

The triplets are so funny!  If you look closely at the photo where the triplets are eating in their high chairs, you will see that Jack is telling his sisters something VERY profound. Katie is tilting her head, and Chloe has her fingers on her face thinking it over. They sure are listening very closely to what their brother has to say! Even Einstein feels he is part of it.  Angela entitled this photo "Dinner at the Heim's."  

 Please note that in the next photo Jack is practicing  sitting up, and it looks like Katie was sitting up and then....over she went!  The next picture shows Jack eating his bananas and avocados. Angela says he loves them! I threw in a few more pics of the triplets - some you may have seen before. Oh, by the way, I bought a weed whacker and have been going crazy with it. I am just a maniac with that thing in my hands! Oh, boy, do I love it. After 15 minutes of using it the very first time, I looked at it and said, "Where have you been all my life?" It is so much FUN! cutting down weeds!

Wow! This weather has been really hot and dry. How we needed the shower we received just this afternoon! I added some photos of the land which I took  in the last week. The last two photos show two different turtles. Look really hard and you can see one in each picture!

On a sad note, all the bluegills who were guarding their nests (and there were LOTS of nests just off shore) are totally gone. Now that the nests are not guarded, their eggs will be eaten, and we will lose a whole  new population of bluegills. I have noticed that all the big bass are gone and same for the catfish.  Yesterday as I left the Land and turned on to Steward Road, there was a  man picking wild asparagus in the ditch. I casually talked with him about how good wild asparagus is,  to which he replied in a smart-aleck way, "Nothing is so good as wild asparagus  AND bluegills." He had his old brown car sitting alongside the road and after he  made such a comment I drove away, past the brown car and saw a woman and a child sitting in it. I had taken one look at this man's mid-section and realized I was looking at one of the  "fake fat buddas." Perhaps, dear Reader, you can put 2 and 2 together. ... Sometimes we just have to remember that what goes around, comes around.

It is late and much cooler after the rain. Good sleeping weather! Nighty-night, dear Reader!



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