Update: June 20, 2012
My nephew added the video Angela sent me last week of Chloe with the giggles. Hope you enjoy it! I will add more photos of the triplets and their birthday party in my next blog entry. Hope you enjoy this video!  

Dear Reader,

I just had the most amazing experience! I was riding around the land on my new (old) bike just now (5PM). Along the High Road I rode, up to the top of the south hill, stopped to gaze where I will build a larger cape cod someday…and then – whoosh! So fast down the hill toward the Road-Between-The-Ponds.

Flying along, I go,  so carefree with the wind blowing against my face.

But then, all at once it changes. Suddenly to my right, Gordon flies up out of the swamp and lands directly in front of me, rearing up like a wild stallion!

I come to a complete, sudden stop.

“It’s okay, Gordon,” I say.

But it’s not okay. Because there is more movement to my right. I look down into the swamp to see 3 goslings paddling away from me with Gordetta bringing up the rear. They have such a narrow band of water to swim in, and they obviously want to get over the road to the pond.

Gordon and I face each other. He’s not moving. I bob along, walking my bike backwards to give him (and his family) more room.

Sure enough. That does the trick.

Holding themselves tall and dignified, very proudly, all 4 of the geese climb in a straight line, up the bank to the road, as Gordon (I kid you not!) stands there like a school guard watching his flock cross the road in safety. I almost think I see him hold out a wing like a school guard would hold out her hand in a STOP position. If only I had my camera! It was too cute for words!

Gordetta had somehow gotten herself into the front position, and down the pond bank she went, followed by the three goslings. With a final stern look to me, Gordon turned and waddled down the bank right after them.

What an experience! I really think these geese are becoming just a bit too humanized!

The goslings are getting so big. Sometimes they flap their little wings - practicing for the big day when they can really fly. The photos above show the Great Blue Heron watching over the entire Gordon/Gordetta family to make sure they are safe while they eat grass on the south bank. (more on that below) The rest of the photos show the family eating corn by the pond, then taking a rest. The other pictures show the geese coming up to the cottage - right outside my door! And the last photo shows them taking a stroll down the lane.

On another note, this is the triplet's birthday week - one year old on the 13th!  My heart will be with them!

Mom and I celebrated her  94th birthday on the 6th. Our photo is a little fuzzy, but you can see us at one of Mom's favorite eating places: Village Inn.

Karl was out here today with his friend, Dale. They put the trolling electric motor on Randy's boat and spent the morning fishing. A hot day to fish, but they seemed to have had fun.

Derrick was out here with his earthmover, opening up some more areas for future pasture. (More detail below)  Aaron helped, too, by smoothing out the new areas and doing some other work I needed done. I like the new views I have on the south side of the land. I can see all the way to Beemerville overpass - which, I might like to remind you - is made up of the sand and gravel from our very own Heim pond.

Last but not least, there is a picture of my "excellent, but dated" Trek bike. (More about this below)It's a good bike.

I am going to share with you some of my writings on June 5th and June 9th to end this blog entry tonight. It has been a super summer already and I am enjoying everything as you can tell from my writings.

June 5, 2012
I'm sitting here on the north bank of the pond between the cottage and the carriage house - a slight breeze - 75 degrees. The sun is playing peek-a-boo with friendly, white clouds. What a day!

The Great Blue Heron is guarding Gordon's family as if they were his own. He's standing so tall in the Road Between The Ponds. He does this as often as he can. Gordon, Gordetta, and their three little darlings are merrily munching on grass or squatting down for little naps. The goslings have such a cute way of settling down into the grass.

At first, I thought the Great Blue Heron might harm the goslings, but that's not how we operate out here on the Land (in Paradise!). No. We all get along and help each other. My animal friends and me - that's how we live out here. It truly IS a paradise.

Even earlier this morning, the Goose family of 5 came almost up to the window as they ate grass around the cottage. Further down the lane three baby woodchucks were frollicking, watched over by Mama Willimena Woodchuck.

Karl told me he had seen the three goslings not long before I first saw them again...only he saw them down by the Beemerville bridge in Willow Creek. He was surprised to see them again. "I don't know where Gordon and Gordetta were, but it was definitely the same three goslings."

So Gordon and Gordetta hid their babies to keep them safe! What smart parents!

I have so much free time this year - with an almost non-existent garden, a new weed whacker and finally getting the different areas cleaned up and pruned like I want them, it's really given me more free hours each day. I actually am enjoying all my free time. At 4PM, the sun feels just right on my bare feet sticking out of my jeans, and once in a while as the wind blows the trees around, the sun warms my face. The grass is cut short and green around the pond, above is blue and white in the sky - what is not to love about this wonderful place?

It's also nice to think that my favorite fishermen may show up - Chris and Smitty after work, or Karl (with or without Kendell and McKenna). I am making such wonderful friends and they mean so much to me!

I sent off Katie, Chloe and Jack's birthday presents. There were two matching Cub cheerleader outfits for the girls and another "My First Cub T" shirt for Jack, plus another set of matching dresses for Katie and Chloe and a one piece outfit for Jack. I made up a card for them because there are no triplet birthday cards to be found. It read:

          It has been a year of wonder.
            A wonder of how tiny you were
            A wonder of how you have grown...
                    a wonder of your strength
                    a wonder of your giggles
            The wonder of seeing you develop into who you will be ...
            The wonder of the wonder of you three!

Katie, Chloe and Jack,
            You are always in my thoughts.
            I am always beside you even if you can not see me.
            I am sending you all my love, always, on your first birthday.
                                Love,  Grammie Jane

Karl says with my grand-triplets and with Gordon and Gordetta's 3 goslings, I'm a grandma of  sextuplets. But if I add in the three baby woodchucks I am a grandmother ninefold! 

All is right with the world - at least my little blessed corner of it!

June 9, 2012
I think Chris and Smitty are on their way to Canada. What fun they will have.

I'm sitting here in the screenhouse as the temp goes up to 90 degrees and the sun feels REALLY hot when you get out in it. It's breezy, shaded and very comfortable in the screenhouse with a view to die for. I love the meadering run-off creek to my right, and the large view of the pond straight ahead. All around are flower beds and the flowering purple clematis clings to the black old-fashioned light pole. It's such a relaxing pastoral scene.

Matt, who owns the winery where I sell my elderberries may not need them this year, so all at once I'm contemplating moving into my "steer" stage - sooner than I thought.

I've been clearing more of my land for little pastures so I can eventually have two cows/steers. One to keep and one to sell. I want to grass-feed them for most of the time.

So...I'll know by next week if elderberries are my crop or if I'm going to switch gears. To tell the truth I am rather excited about the possibility of having cattle. I don't know why, but I am. Having steers, no doubt, will end up being a huge loss - at least at first, but then, my kind of small farming is all about loss anyway. Oh well! One has to keep at it and learn as one goes. If only my father were here (Papa passed away when I was five). He would be such a big help and so proud of me.

Even though I was raised on a dairy farm, I know nothing about raising beef. I'm a real novice but an excited one!

Two chipmonks are playing "chase" all around the screen house. They are adorable! For two little guys, they are SO noisy!

Dave is on his way over here with my re-condioned Trek bike ("an excellent bike, but dated" according to the cyclery in DeKalb). I don't know how much I will ride it, but I'm glad to have it "updated."  Dave and I have lots to do today after Derrick was here with his earthmover. Never a dull moment.

Ahhhh, the birds are singing, the "chippies" are playing, the geese are relaxing on the pond bank, the trees are gently rustling in the breeze. What a day! It doesn't get any better than this!

Dear Reader, I wish you had been with me in the screenhouse enjoying a few moments of relaxation on a perfect June day! Maybe someday you will be. In the meantime, let's hope the rain that is called for actually arrives! 



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