Good evening, Dear Reader.
It has been an amazing day! But before I get into what all happened today, I have to tell you that the triplets had their first trip to Costco last week.  Jeff said it was difficult to get around in the store because everyone kept coming up to them and marveling over the triplets! It really is a sight to see. I am adding some new pictures belatedly (today, June 3rd) of the triplets - at Costco. (See the last two rows of photos below.)  Also a photo of the girls sitting up so well. Then the last row shows two photos  Katie and Chloe  in their stroller (a previous photo and a new photo to show you how they have grown!), plus a photo of Jack looking so grown up.

The triplets celebrate their first birthday in a  couple of weeks. I can hardly believe it! I will miss their  birthday party, unfortunately. Jeff says they are all sitting up like big kids. Jack and Chloe have two teeth each (on the bottom), but Katie hasn't any as of yet. Just lately they seem to be really "growing up." When we think back to when they were born, and all hooked up to every machine known to man, all the setbacks, all the long hospital seems so unreal now. They have come a long way, and we're all proud of Katie, Chloe and Jack.

Speaking of birthdays, my mom turns 94 in a week.  We are so fortunate to have Mom here with us and in such good shape. She is still driving her Lexus!

Smitty and Chris have been here fishing on and off. Smitty caught this crappie (above) last Monday. Haven't seen any catfish to speak of, though.

Last Sunday, Karl Hawbaker and family, plus another couple they know well and their two children, were all here for a Memorial Day picnic. They fished, glided around in Randy Ikeler's gift to the land (the brown john boat), had a picnic, went swimming (yes! can you believe the water was SO warm on May 29th?!!!).It was great fun to have them here.

Yesterday just before the long rainy day began, all kinds of geese flew in before the storm. (see above). They made themselves at home, looking as if they had always been here. And best of all, they all got along!

Today was quite a day, as I mentioned above. I had a lovely lunch with Michael at Chinn's in Lisle. Lots of garlic bread dripping in garlic butter, calamari and Copper River salmon! When I returned, I decided I better do some mowing, so off I went on the road between the ponds. All of a sudden something caught my eye on the south bank of the pond.

You won't believe it, dear Reader. I could hardly believe it, myself! There were Gordon and Gordetta and THREE GOSLINGS! I did a double take! Yes, they are all there and just milling about smartly as though nothing had ever happened.  They were in front of the burn pile area, and when they heard the mower, they marched down the bank and into the pond.

When the goslings disappeared that fateful day (May 10th?) and I thought they had been eaten by the buzzards, Chris and Smitty had arrived at te land right after I had left. They reported to me later that the goslings were already missing. The buzzards hadn't come yet, and buzzards don't eat live things anyway, so they thought something else had happened to the goslings. Randy Ikeler thought maybe the fox ate the goslings.

Whatever happened to the goslings, I do not know. Did Gordon and Gordetta hide them and confront all the vultures over their heads to keep them away from their little goslings? What about the carrying on at dusk, with their "strange crying?" And why did they fly away that night - just the two of them and not come back (except for - believe it or not - on Mother's Day)? Where, in other words, has the entire family been for the past three weeks?

Well, it is a mystery. Perhaps, dear Reader, you understand what happened better than I do. Please share your ideas on this strange occurance. But the best news is...the goslings  are back! And looking so grown-up! See pictures above.

Another strange thing happened after I saw the goslings. As I continued to mow today, I found long, perfect, clean  feathers around the Land - almost as if they had been arranged in groupings. I found 7 altogether in two areas.

The feathers are clean as a whistle...they almost look like quill pens of old. In fact, I'm not  quite sure they are true feathers, although they look like they are. No bodies, no blood on them...perfectly clean and neat and tidy. Any one care for a quill pen? It seems I am starting to "grow" them on my land!

Other interesting happenings today. A tiny dragonfly landed on my shoulder as I was mowing down by Beemerville gate this afternoon. I've had dragonflies land on me before, but this one stayed such a long time. It was so petite. Then I saw the fox galloping across the meadow, apparently not interested in the goslings (or unable to get past Gordon and Gordetta). Could it be...could it be...we really are all getting along? Meanwhile the Great Blue Heron was squawking overhead as it flew in circles several times. A very active animal day!

And tonight...tonight the moon is so bright that one doesn't need a flashlight to see. The moon sparkles on the pond, and the paths around the pond are well lit. Just perfect for a midnight walk!

Oh, and by the way, I am still weed whacking. Not having a garden (to speak of) this year, allows me lots of time to week whack, and I am having a ball!

I end with some photos taken of the land a week or so ago. Hope you like them. We finally had our rain, and how good it has been for everything! It was a good soaking rain - much appreciated by all!

As the cool weather begins to warm up slowly, we are so thankful for this beautiful weather. What a glorious spring it has been! And now with the goslings back and looking so big and healthy, all is right with the world! Miracles DO happen!

Good night, dear Reader, good night!



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