Dear Reader,
So much going on! I took another trip to Denver to help Jeff out when Angela had her first weekend away with her girlfriends and sister. She was only gone 3 days, but near the end, it felt like a long time. Jeff was great  being both Daddy and Mommy, and the triplets were very good. Still....we were extremely happy to see Angela when she returned! All the photos above are from that last trip in early July. Now that I'm back my arms feel pretty emtpy without holding my darling little grandbabies.

Chris and Smitty were out to fish a few times. It is so good to see them.

I was visted by some lovely white birds which I think  were snowy egrets, but maybe you know better than I do what they were.

And on a sad note, Gordon, Gordetta and family all flew away sometime the night of July 14th (Jeff's birthday and Bastille Day). I miss my little family of geese! I literally have "empty nest syndrome." (no pun intended)

Happy Birthday to Jeff! He says he's old enough to not mention his age, but to me he is still quite young!

Jeff's and Angela's friends, Heather and Doug, are featured in the last two photos. They welcomed their healthy 8 pound, 14 ounce baby 4 days after this photos was taken.  All of us here on the Land - creatures large and small - welcome baby Noah, too!

Dave Haury came upon this rocking horse  and brought it to me for the triplets. It is SO cute!

I will describe the triplet pictures so you can follow along with our weekend without Angela:

The first row shows the tiplets watching their Baby Einstein videos, Chloe is crawling to her Daddy, and Jack has found Grammie's camera!
The second row shows the triplets hard at work, with Daddy, and Katie's big bright smile.
Third row first two pictures shows Chloe losing her balance while Jack plays on, totally undisturbed about what is happening to his sis. The last picture shows them all hard at work again.

Fourth and Fifth rows are the cutest pictures of total exhaustion - Katie, then Jack (with faithful pal, Einstein) and Katie and Daddy, too. It isn't easy keeping the house going without Mommy. And of course, classic pictures of Chloe who, after finishing a big bowl of food, just can not stay awake!

Sixth row shows Daddy with his clan. Daddy loves Katie, Chloe and Jack!
Seventh row shows Mommy coming back home! Every one is happy to see Mommy!
Eighth row shows Chloe really looking over the long-suffering Einstein. And last but not least, Heather with Angela just 4 days before Noah makes his appearance. Doug, Heather's husband, relaxing (maybe for what will be one of the last times  - as sooner than expected Doug's whole world changes!). Noah is the most perfect, adorable baby!

Katie, Chloe and Jack will be looking forward to playing with Noah!
And that's it, dear Reader.... a summation of a wonderful time in Denver!


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