Descriptions of pictures:
1- arriving at Midway
2, 3 - at the hotel in Bolingbrook
4 and 5, Grammie feeding Jack and Katie
6- Chloe reading whiile waiting to go into car for a ride
7-9  Nonnie seeing her grandchildren for the first time at her home in Davenport
10 and 11, Jack and Nonnie talking at lunch, getting acquainted.

Dear Reader,
I am so happy to tell you that Jack and Angela made the trek (more like a pilgrimage) to Illinois and Iowa to see Grammie, The Land, and most of all, Nonnie - the triplets 94-year-old great grandmother! They were only here for 4 days, but it was wonderful to have them here!

The triplets were so good. They are 14 months old now. They  flew in one day on their first airplane trip, came out to the Land on the 2nd day, saw Nonnie in Davenport on the third day, and flew back home on the 4th day. This  just goes to show you that they are great little travelers! And congratulations to Jeff and Angela for coordinating their days around nap times and eating times so that the triplets did not get too out of sync.

Jeff did say that the trip was good for the triplets..."they learned how to play with the small wine bottles at the hotel and eat off the carpet..." And I learned that Katie loves mirrors and trash cans. She crawled over to the full-length mirror in their Bolingbrook hotel and laughed at herself in the mirror. Jack joined her and they had a real laughing session. Then Katie found the trash can under the sink and played with that until she tipped it over and it bonked her on the head. Didn't seem to phase her, though.

When they were out here, Katie and Jack played in the playpen while Chloe crawled up on the playpen, stood up and then walked around it. All three of them laughed at each other. Such gigglers!

I miss them terribly!

The Land looked beautiful. Jeff andAngela loved seeing it again. I put all three of my grandchildren's feet on the grass so now have had their feet officially on the ground at the Land. That meant a lot to me.

Heaven knows when they will be back...but what a fantastic memory I have of this visit. I have many more photos on a new camera I haven't installed on my computer yet, so you will be spared many more photos. But as soon as I get them on my computer - be prepared to see them all!

Tonight it is just perfect out. Quiet and still, just warm enough but not too warm. I enjoyed reading all afternoon out in the screenhouse. Soon the cold winds will blow and I will not be able to relax outside. I am enjoying it as much as I can!

I hope all is going well with you, Dear Reader. Thank you for sharing this historic visit from Jeff, Angela, Katie, Chloe and Jack! Good night, dear Reader, good night.


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