Midnight, now August 3, 2012
This Just In! Jeff just now sent me the photo of Chloe standing, holding onto the coffee table. (See last photo) What a big girl! Jack seems to be enjoying his bottle in Mommy's lap.

Dear Reader,
Here it is, August already! And still hot!

Every time I drive in to the Land, I am still amazed at how beautiful it is. Yes, the pond is down, yes, the grass is brownish, but it's still so lovely. Sometimes it's still, sometimes there is a little breeze blowing. When the sun gets over the trees in the west, and shadows inch across the lawn, I sometimes sit out in the screenhouse just enjoying a little respite from the hot sun and humid weather.  The other day, as I may have told you, I could smell fall coming. So...hold on y'all. It will cool down one of these days!

Everything this summer has been about 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule - except my lily plant. It finally bloomed at the end of July. It smelled so good! It really doesn't matter when anything blooms around here...each big  and little bloom is appreciated.

Yesterday Dave decided he was finally going to use a rock we dug out of the pond (as it became lower), so he dragged it up to the top of the hill, found a likely leaning cherry tree and proceeded to wench it up in the air, and then drove the back of his truck under the rock and there it was! Just where he wanted it!

Today two turtles were either fighting or mating...I couldn't tell  for sure. They did growl at each other.  Have you ever heard a snapping turtle growl? Well, it was my first time, too. I did get some interesting pictures.

The triplets are including more "people food" in their diets. Jack and Chloe loved the  egg and cheese, but Katie didn't take to it at first. And look at Chloe starting to climb the stairs!  Katie (see "cage behind her for corraling crawling babies) and Jack really do look a lot alike. They are my three little dolls! 

Please enjoy the photos of the land at dusk, and the cottage in the day. Life continues on here.  I did have one problem.  I received an email from that woman "Pat" who keeps calling me and never looking at the land. I had to travel to Lemont, IL  where, I am happy to say,  a police officer talked with  "Pat" and told her NEVER to contact me again. If she didn't get the message this time, she is far more disturbed than I previously thought. 

Other than that, life is good!
Good night, dear Reader!


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