Dear Reader,

Here are some of the latest pictures of Katie, Chloe and Jack. Chloe is almost walking and Katie has just started crawling. Jack will be crawling soon.  Last week, Angela's parents, Nana and Papa, visited Denver and stayed with the kids while Jeff and Angela had their first weekend away. Nana had some pictures taken which shows she had her hands full!

Jeff and Angela were able to go to a Rockies Game, too. They are having a little bit more time to do things together.

The weather has been beautiful and we think the hottest days are just a memory. Soon fall will be here and how I love fall!

I was going to put some photos of the dead fish in my pond, but they are too gross to put in the same blog as the triplets. So this one is for you, Katie, Chloe and Jack! Grammie loves you!

The last photo is of my sister Linda's grand-daughter at her baptism this month. Isn't that a beautiful photo?!
Please enjoy these little munchkins, Dear Reader!


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