Last week, August 31st to be exact, on a full moon night, my neighbor's barn burned completely. It was a horrible sight. I was watching a movie in my library when I heard - and felt - a huge explosion. For some reason I kept on watching the movie for a while, until I heard some smaller explosions. Then I walked outside and oh! this is what I saw across the field. It seemed so near! I knew it was Jacox's barn, and I knew it wasn't going to be saved. Lots of firemen were already there and more coming. I was in my nightshirt and glasses, but I grabbed my camera and ran the entire way to the fire. The above photos will show how it  progressed. The second photo is taken next to my mailbox. Sad to see it go. The only good thing is Jacox's were insured, so will probably be able to rebuild a nice barn. How sad to see it go up in smoke, though. When Harold and Elaine lived there, Harold had so many neat tools in the shop part of the barn. It was Allan's shop, too, but I am hoping he had most of his tools in his work truck (which would not fit in the barn). Last year, Allan started to ready the barn for a new roof - at least he started on one side of it, but the new roof was never put on. Now, of course, there is no need for a new roof on the old barn, because the barn is long gone. Sad, sad, sad.

The photos below the fire photos are of the Land - the blue heron on an early August morning, and then the photos of my house at the end of August.

I forgot to tell you, Dear Reader, (I think I haven't told you before!) that I had the Land blessed by a Native American from Paw Paw. His name is Royal Jenkins, and he perforned a lovely ceremony in his native language. He blessed the Land, me and even JJ, as he was near JJ's chapel. He blessed my whole family. Then he put a special Medicine Stick (blessed by a Zuni Medicine Man at the Salt Lake Volcano in Salt Lake, New Mexico, close to where Royal grew up) into the ground. It was never to be moved or taken out...or bad medicine would happen. Unfortunately I noticed the next day the Medicine Stick had been moved. That was several weeks ago. Then today on my walk, I looked at it, and it wasn't there! Completely gone! It will be interesting to see what happens next....

More photos of the Heim visit below. There are some great pictures of the triplets with their great-grandmother, who Jeff calls "Nonnie." Mom loved seeing her new little great-grandchildren. And they loved her! See Jack listening to his great-grandma as she talks to him. What a cute photo!

Randy Ikeler finished welding the old steel cart this week. He and John Nicholson brought it back and put it under the pine tree. Randy did a great job. I think John helped, too. It looks better than I ever thought it would! That particular cart has been on the land at least 40 years, because it was sticking out of the fill-area on the south side of the pond before we bought this place in 1973. Just think...next year it will be 40 years! Amazing, dear Reader, Amazing!

What beautiful weather we are having - finally! A gorgeous day today. I hope you enjoy it immensely!



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