Dear Reader,
Unbelievable! They're here! Lots of work in the last few days as Dietz Drainage Inc cleans out the pond...something that hasn't been done for 30 years. Craig - one of the talented men doing this job - called the "stuff"coming out of the pond "Mississippi Mud." The black gunk is from the farmers' fields all around Willow Creek watershed. My pond was flooded from Willow Creek and I ended up with a lot of topsoil. This is exactly what happens  in the Mississippi River, too, so the name for it is apt.

If only you were here to see it, dear Reader. Amazing! Jeff asked me to take some pictures so here are a few so you can see what's happening at The Land. The 1st photo in the 2nd row shows one of the places Dietz is dumping the muck - filling in some depressions that needed some building up. The last two photos show where the excavators are changing (somewhat) the bank on the south side of the Road-Between-The-Ponds. They are also taking excess soil off the south bank and sloping it back in a more gentle way so I can mow it down to the water. The old swamp (seen in the last picture on the very right-hand side) which the beavers had drained and made a lower meadow-like hole, is now filled to the brim with debris from the pond. We are trying to build that part of the road up as far as possible to make a higher dam to keep out the water overflowing from Willow Creek, when there is a flood. It looks so different!

Enjoy the photos, dear Reader!


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