Dear Reader,
There is no doubt it is now fall. All the warmth has left, and even though we've had some warmer days, the nights are still cold and it takes SO long to warm up each day. How I love the changing colors of the leaves! But so soon, especially with this sudden north wind tonight -so soon the branches will be bare.

Dave and I have almost completely cleaned up the huge fallen trees in Willow Creek. We've cut up large trunks and burned, burned, burned. It looks so much better! I am getting to be a pro at "Preventative Maintenance!" And what a time to work in the creek - no water! So much is getting done.

Speaking of getting more done...Tom Hart of Rochelle, who is taking down the old Willow Creek Township building at the Paw Paw spur and Rt. 30, is dumping all the cement from the pad right here. We are building up the area just along Willow Creek and the old swamp where all the flooding occurs. You should see what a nice dam Tom is making! I will try to add photos of it in my next blog.

Katie, Chloe and Jack had their first trip to the zoo. (See picture). I'm sure there will be many more! And there is a cute picture of Chloe and Katie holding hands at lunch. Angela sent it with the caption, "Best friends already." Those three are the apples of my eye!

David Armitage, his son, Malikai (sp?), and Grandpa (see photo) came over to cut some wood. Malikai made my name in the dirt, using stones. How sweet of him! The kids call me "Miss Jane."

Enjoy the photos of the land, dear Reader! For such a dry year, the colors have been beautiful! It is truly a paradise here!

Photo ID starting with the 3rd row:  pumpkin in steel cart. Look closely at the middle photo. I think the ghosts and goblins have shown up early!
Row 4: First picture is the eastern treeline of my property. The 2nd and 3rd photos are of my favorite farm on German Road.
Row 5: Tom Hart arriving with the bulldozer which will move around all the chunks of cement, and one of the many fires on the land.
Row  and 7: more pictures of Fall on the Land.

Snuggle up, dear Reader! Enjoy the cold, windy, rainy night!



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