Dear Reader,
Could it really be several weeks since I've written? So much to do, so little time.

My sister, Linda, was just here this week, and it was wonderful to have her visiting. We had lots of visits to Iowa to see Mom, and had lunch in Geneva, etc. I miss her.

Had a wonderful time in Door County in October. Some rainy weather but I was able to get in lots of walks. Michael and I had elegant dinners. Lynette, Jeff and Angela's nanny, was visiting a friend in Sturgeon Bay so we were able to have lunch with her, while in Door County.

The grass is coming up along the banks of the lake, we've been burning lots of burn piles and opening up the land even more. Lots of work on both sides of creek and much more to come. Then tree and shrub planting will follow through the years. The photos of the land above are obviously taken before the leaves fell off. I am a little behind on uploading my photos onto the internet. I am a little behind, period!

The first picture of the grandkids shows Chloe trying on her outfit that she will wear to see Santa Claus. The second picture is of the entire family with Santa. Jack doesn't look too happy to be sitting on Santa's lap. Angela told me a second after this photo was taken, Jack started crying.  The third photo shows Katie after she had pulled herself up into a standing position. She still perfers to crawl, but she can stand and walk when she feels like it. Chloe is all over the house and Jack is standing and walking around, too, but Katie is taking her time.

Thursday is Thanksgiving. Dear Reader, I wish you a most delicious and happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. I am grateful for my family, dear friends (like you!) and my little paradise - The Land.


Bill Hefty
11/22/2012 04:39

Jane. Found this wandering through DPU website, and love your writing. I am a lawyer in Richmond, Virginia but about three years ago bought the house I grew up in in Oregon on the Rock River. My wife Gayle and I try to get out there for extended periods, which will hopefully grow as we semi-retire. Hopefully we can wander over to Seward one day. Have a great Thanksgiving. Bill


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