Ice fishing has officially started. Chris and Smitty were out here yesterday (Sunday) with their blue shanty. The ice isn't really thick, but thick enough to hold them (thank goodness!). They measured the depth of the pond and even carved the foot depth in the ice. Who can say these avid fishermen are not but thorough? It was great having them here.

Dave and I continued to cut up the dead mulberry and silver maple trees along the north fence line. As you can tell from the photos, when Dave took off his cap, his head was steaming! It looked so funny! The photo next to Dave is of Kelsey, my niece Nicki's little girl.

I've added more photos of the kids in their old house. I am anxious to get photos of them in their new house! I am hoping these pictures capture the sheer velocity of 3 toddlers all the same age, who just happen to have LOTS of energy. Sometimes it's just a zoo at the Heim household!  I miss them all!

Dear Reader, another year has gone by. It doesn't seem possible. May 2013 bring you great health, happiness and abundance! When you are giving out toasts at midnight, please remember to toast the Land and all it's beauty when you ring in the New Year! It is a slice of paradise!



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