Dear Reader,
Here is it already December 24th. It's grey and cold here at The Land, but very peaceful and quiet. Having just returned from Denver I am missing Jeff, Angela and the triplets (plus Angela's parents), but decided it was important to be close to Mom and see her for Christmas. This is Mom's 94th Christmas!

The ice fishing looks to be starting in a week or so, depending on the weather. The pond is freezing over nicely. Chris and Smitty were out yesterday to check it out and declared there is an inch of ice on the pond. Today there is even more. Not enough to hold a person yet, but it won't be long!

If you look closely at photo #4 (2nd row, 1st picture), you will see the Great Blue Heron keeping a close watch on the pond, and on The Land! He is sitting on the island surveying the entire area.

I have a new mailbox out on Steward Road. It's quite big! (See photo #6)

I can't resist adding photos from my visit to Denver. I hope you enjoy those of the kids! We had a wonderful time! They are in such a cute stage - and all three have quite different personalities! Enjoy! (Photo descriptions are below.)

Because I just returned and wasn't expecting to be here, I have quickly purchased a live Black Hills Spruce tree and will plant it after Christmas (with Dave's help). Right now it is covered with little white lights in my library (see  photo). Dear Reader, the little Black Hills Spruce and I are sending you warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas. May it be joyous and full of meaning for you.

Merry Christmas Eve right now!

(Photo descriptions: starting with Row 3
Row 3: Katie, Chloe and Jack
Row 4: Jack getting tickled by Mommy
Row 5: A: Chloe telling us she is a big girl, she walks now and she wants OUT of this cage!
              B: I really mean it!
               C. Oops! Caught! (Chloe moves the changing table over, sneaks in between the gate and the table, uses her hand to move the white diaper genie and slides through. What an explorer!
Row 6: Katie thinks Daddy is so funny!
Row 7: A night on the town! Christmas party for DeVita.  Angela is beautiful! Nice looking couple, and best parents of triplets I know!
Row 8: A:  Daddy with girls, B: Mommie with Chloe and C: Jack and Jeff
Row 9: Grammie with Katie and Jack
Row 10: Outside: A: Mommy and the wild group  b: The entire family c: Grammie helping Jack walk
Row 11: I'm done! A: Katie, B: Chloe, C: Jack
Row 12: Mommy's done, too. B. Daddy's pretty worn out, too. C: The new home in early December. Now all the Heim's are in this new home right now on this Christmas Eve, with Angela's parents, Brenda and Dave.  I wish you all (and Linda's family, too) the best Christmas ever! All my love, Mom/Jane/Grammie

11:09PM Christmas Eve
This just in! Angela sent me this picture a little while ago. It shows the living room of their very new home (they just moved in a few days ago) with the three chairs from Pottery Barn for Katie, Chloe and Jack. We went in on them together. What fun the kids will have with them! They will be placed downstairs in the toy/playroom.

In 50 minutes it will be Christmas Day. I better retire! Merry Christmas, Everyone!



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