Dear Reader,
This morning the lake was calling out to Chris and Smitty to come ice fishing...that is until it really warmed up this afternoon. But soon the lake will be frozen completely again, in the hopes that those two intrepid fishermen will come back to the Land. They may not want to when the temperature gets close to zero!

The above photos were taken this morning, except for the last lake picture which was taken this afternoon...perhaps Chris and Smitty HAVE been here making all kinds of round holes...

Row four shows two views of the Land from Steward Road. Plus, as you can see, Chloe and Katie are using their high chairs as desks. They are starting to learn how to draw! And if you look closely you can see they both have produced great works of art (at least to their Grammie!) It looks like Chloe is taking a break and eating her crayon while Katie is thinking hard about her artistic endeavor! Thanks to Angela for sending this today.

Prepare for the bitter cold, dear Reader. It is a-comin'!


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