Happy Superbowl Sunday, dear Reader!

So much has been happening...most importantly here at the Land (at least to me as I do not have cable to watch  Superbowl), is the excavating work Derek Barlow is doing across Willow Creek. It's the very beginning of Restoring The Farm to Permaculture Agriculture. Down came the box elder, old swamp willows, a few falling down (and large) mulberry trees and a few cherry trees. It's only about 60 feet at the very widest across the creek, so Derek has really very little area to drop the trees. It's a tedious job but he's doing great. It looks so different over there! We discovered a fairly new huge, long, high hill (about 50-70 feet long and 15 feet high) made up entirely of rich black field soil. Derek couldn't believe it was there and obviously was not put there from dredging the creek (which I never had done). It was made up only of black dirt piled high, blocking the view of the hanger on the adjoining property.  A true mystery, is it not? Mystery or not, it is now a huge mountain of black soil no longer. It has been spread all across the area, enriching my original soil. What a interesting surprise, and so useful, too. Amazing things happen around here that never cease to amaze me. They always turn out for the best.

Enjoy the pictures of the land in fog, with the moon coming up and of course, Derek working hard!

And on to the apples of my eye! More pictures of the most darling little triplets one has ever seen. The first photo is of Katie and Chloe in their diapers, enjoying their bottles and ready to doze off.  Angela titled this photo "Two little angels getting ready for bed." The next photo is of Chloe sitting with Einstein while she watches TV. How cute! 

Today, the kids were all dressed up in their Chicago Bear outfits to watch the Superbowl. Jack really got into it when there was a touchdown as you can see by his face! And Cheerleader Chloe is enjoying walking along the sofa all by herself. It's amazing to see these pictures because when I left Denver at Christmastime, Chloe was not allowed to be on the sofa by herself as she would jump up and down and fall backwards They are growing up so much!

I hope you enjoyed Superbowl Sunday and your favorite team won, dear Reader.  Nighty night!



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