Dear Reader,
Well, the new website is not ready yet, so we'll be on this one for a while longer. And please don't fret that you will be left behind because I will give you plenty of warning before the big change. Everything will change over when that happens.

As you can see from the photos above, I had a little visitor a few days ago. This skunk decided to meander by the house, so I took a few pictures. He was very well behaved.

The pond is opening up! Gordon and Gordetta love the open water. The ice started leaving a few days ago even when it was cold. Now its really open!

Dear Reader, we all get along here at The Land. But then, what would you expect in Paradise? I feed the birds first thing in the morning. Then I sprinkle some cracked corn on the bank by the driveway. The juncos, cardinals and doves eat the corn first. After that, Gordon and Gordeeta make their way to the corn. When they have just about finished eating their fill of corn, the squirrel will run up. Gordon and Gordeeta gently stop back letting him have his own banquet of cracked corn. It so interesting - and cute! -  to watch.

Katie, Chloe and Jack have been enjoying the late season snow. They were all out in the park by their house in Denver frollicking in the snow. Also, Chloe has been wearing her new sunglasses (all day). See photo. Jack and Katie were helping Mommie with the laundry the other day. As you know, Jack has been the slowest to walk, but he is making up for it now.  Here he is walking with both hands full of the important things in life!

We are so ready for spring to really be here. This weather is very trying to us, especially after last year! Let's hope next week will warm up and we'll feel like it really IS spring! Dear Reader, here's to a lovely growing season!


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